Why choose StorageMining.io?

StorageMining.io is the World’s first large scale Proof of Capacity (POC) cloud storage mining service offering an alternative to those who would like to engage in Burstcoin (BURST) storage mining.
Our Burstcoin (BURST) mining system is suitable for those who are new to the cryptocurrencies world, the same as cryptocurrency experts and large-scale investors.

We are a team of experts in the digital currency sector, and our Burstcoin (BURST) mining algorithm is designed to provide the most efficient and reliable Burstcoin (BURST) rental storage mining service.

Why Choose StorageMining.io?

The benefits of mining with us

Let us introduce you couple of benefits, why Storagemining.io is the best choice:


Ecology efficient solution

We specialize in unique and customized mining techniques using ecological solutions, namely solar energy, to power our mining operations. We do this because we believe that storage mining will remain profitable and scalable only by using the latest sustainable energy solutions.

Storagemining.io is focused on innovating and delivering the first sustainable cloud storage mining service to a global market.


Expert Quality Assurance

On every contract purchased, Storagemining.io delivers only the latest and most effective technology currently available on the market.

We guarantee to only use the most long-lasting and profitable devices in order to ensure your mining stability.
Our contracts are available instantly, which means that you will not spend even a second setting up, or any lost profits due to downtime.


Pleasant experience

When you choose to storage mine with Storagemining.io, rest assured that all of your storage mining needs are being handled by professionals with a desire to deliver only the best customer service.

Storagemining.io strives to ensure a smooth, and the satisfying experience while delivering on your investment.


Real people

Storagemining.io is an European based company that is created by the team of experienced professionals in the fields of Solar energy installations, Cryptocurrency Trading & Consultancy, Business Development and Environment management. We have the necessary expertise to deliver a world-class mining solution.

Our company is entirely traceable and transparent. From the beginning out mission was and remains – to deliver an astonishing satisfaction rate on each and every contract.